Our Core Services

Apple Device

We offer support for all Apple ios based mobile devices, most parts are available for practically any fault you may encounter with your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Android Device

We offer support for all Android based mobile devices, with the only exception of parts availability for uncommon brands.

Windows Device

We offer support for the most popular Windows based mobile devices.

BlackBerry Device

We offer support for all BlackBerry mobile devices, with the only exception of parts availability for post Priv models.

Phone Accessory

We stock only the best quality accessories available, batteries, glass protective screenguards, fast chargers, sim adaptors and headsets.

Software Repairs

We offer support for all mobile devices, with the only exception of firmware availability for uncommon brands.

Smart Phone Repair

We are a high level repair centre with the expertise to supply and fit all components, including ic’s, system connectors(charging ports), pcb flexi’s, lcd displays and digitizers.

Software Repairs & Unlocking

Software reloads, updates, overseas network unlocking, password and pattern lock removal, factory reset protection(frp), google account bypass, for all mobile devices onsite within 15mins to 1hour.

Liquid Damage

We boast a very high success rate with liquid damage repairs, the use of special cleansing equipment and chemical cleansing process backed by our experience in the industry is why we revive around 90% of liquid damaged devices, the other 10% is mostly due to failed attempts by other ‘self proclaimed’ technicians and/or consumers who have fallen for the myth that rice can absorb liquid from within a sealed device.


Expertise Since


Brands Supported


months warranty


Devices Repaired

Our Pricing Plans


Software Repairs

All Brands


Software Update

Password removal

Pattern Lock removal

Google Account bypass

BB10 Google Apps

Privacy Lock

Basic repairs



Charging ports

Sim Readers

Midrange device Digitizers

Midrange device Lcd’s


Usb flexi’s

Advanced repairs



Display replacements

Hardware Repairs

IC replacements

Power button flexi’s

Volume button flexi’s


Liquid Damage

90% success



Add R200 for sealed devices

Liquid Cleansing

Corrosion Removal

Reflow mainboard

Component replacement

Reseal Device with silcone