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 At Repairs In Motion we boast a very high success rate with liquid damage repairs, we have special cleansing equipment coupled with over  15years experience in the cellular repair industry.

Most common causes of liquid damage

  • Steam from kettle / shower : Do not leave phone near kettle or take with into bathroom

  • Sweat from body heat : Do not exercise with phone in hand or close to body or keep phone in bra

  • Falling into water or other liquid : Do not keep phone in top pocket or hold phone while working close to liquids

  • Coffee / beverages spilling onto phone: Do not place phone on table where food or beverages will be served on...

Managing liquid damage

Accidents do happen, but do not despair, follow these steps, remember we are pro's do not let anyone tell you otherwise) and we will guarantee you full functionality of your phone.

  1. Immediately remove battery and any loose covers, do not re-insert the battery or insert charger

  2. Shake off excess water and place in plastic bag to keep moisture in, if phone went in sea water rinse under clean tap water and shake off excess water before placing in bag. Do NOT attempt to dry the phone by placing in sun or by using a blowdryer or any method of drying because when the liquid dries it forms corrosion which causes longterm device failure.

  3. Take your device to an Approved repair centre (preferably us) where the phone can be completely opened and all liquid dried up properly with special chemicals so that the liquid does not dry & form corrosion which will cause longterm damage.

  4. Do NOT under any circumstances place phone in rice, it is a MYTH, rice CANNOT suck water out & does NOT absorb water unless Cooked, it has been proven by us to cause more damage, some reports state the phone worked after this process, well the truth is that the phone would have worked after the water dried even if it was not placed in rice, but then it still defeats the purpose because no liquid must dry on any working electronic components to ensure full functionality & longer lifespan of your device.





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